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International Expert Technologies LTD.
International consulting and Projects’ Development in Russia
Established in 2002
Organization No.: 77 N 005401631
Phone no.: + 7(925) 291-21-18



«Golden State» LTD was established in October 2002 in Moscow, Russia. Co-founder of the company was Kachur Viktoria Isaakovna. In 2007 the company name was changed to International Expert Technologies LTD by Co-founders substitution with equal partners Makarova Julia Evgenievna, ИНН 344500404330, 50%, Travina Larisa Lvovna, ИНН 760801413600, 50%.  Makarova J. was appointed on the position of Managing Director from the date of establishment in 2002. 

International Expert Technologies LTD is a member of Russian Group of consultancy companies REVEX engaged in legal consultancy activities in Russia including appraisal and bankruptcy (insolvency) management. Since 1998 the group was represented by the following organizations:
-LLC «Legal Center of the Fund «Anti-terror» (since 1998); LLC «UCFA-consult» ( since 2002); Fund «Centre for ecological projects of the all-Russian society for nature protection» (2002); CJSC «Generation V» (2004); LLC Scientific production center «Earth and Right» (2004); LLC «Veins Даймекс Rus» (since 2005); LLC «Share and partners» (since 2006); LLC «Juris-Audit» on the market since 1990, in the group since 2007); LLC «Permgelioplus» (from 2006 по2007г.г.), LLC « IQ resources» ( 2005 ), LLC «International expert technologies».

The Company’s activities and services today comprise comprehensive trade advice, offering sales, marketing and legal assistance to companies interested in entering new markets, international marketing and sales of products and services, international IT projects development, InterNet trading, InterNet Marketing, outsourcing, etc.

The company started its business activities by working as legal advice Agency in the area of bankruptcy (insolvency) management.
The company had about 7employees working in Russia at our office in Moscow. The staff members consisted of well-educated and experienced legal managers.

Since 2002 the Company has been successfully implemented various legal projects, including support of bankruptcy procedures, the development of the projects for the sale of non-standard assets, the work on the collection of debts, litigation, development of complex measures for the protection of the legal financial and economic interests of the customers, determining the complex of measures on restoration of solvency, etc.,  methods of the financial analysis, the concept of work in sub-standard assets and other documents of an organizational nature were developed and approved, which provides a comprehensive system approach to solution of the tasks set by the client. 

Specialists of the company participated and performed independently of the following projects:
Complex service in bankruptcy procedures:
UAKB «УНИКОМБАНК» ( Moscow), JSC «ELBIM BANK» (Moscow), CB «Финанссервис» (d. Moscow), JSC «Kolomna plant of heavy machine-tool construction» (Moscow region, Mr.. Kolomna), JSC «Центростроймеханизация» (d. Saint-Petersburg, str. Moscow), JSC «Cotton manufactory» (Moscow region, Mr.. Voskresensk), JSC «Phosphates» (Moscow region, Mr.. Voskresensk), KB «Biotechnology» (d. Moscow), OJSC CB «SBS-AGRO» (d. Moscow), JSC «Рошальский chemical combine them. Kosyakova» (Moscow region, Mr.. Roshal), JSC «ВМЭЗ Sarepta» (Volgograd), UDP state unitary enterprise «ВНИИТМАШ» (Volgograd), OAO NPO «ВНИИТМАШ» (Volgograd),

Preparation for realization of the large investment land plots projects:
CJSC «Moscow Agrofirm «Voronovo» (the Moscow region), CJSC «Колычево» (the Moscow region), LLC «Коробово» (the Moscow region), CJSC «Sport club «rosic» (the Moscow region), CJSC «Зарайское» (Moscow region),

Protection from bankruptcy:
OJSC «Novinskiy Bulvar» (d. Moscow), JSCB «Imperial» (d. Moscow), LLC «Oil company «White nights» (d. Khanty-Mansiysk), CJSC «the Plant of Elastomer» (d. Serpukhov), JSC «Shchelkovo metallurgical works (Moscow region, Mr.. Schelkovo), CJSC «Progress» P " (production base).

Participation in the «corporate wars»:
JSC «Orsk-Khalilov metallurgical combine (НОСТА)» (d. Orsk), JSC «Moscow oil refinery» (d. Moscow), JSC «Cherepovetsky broiler» (d. Vologda g. Cherepovets).

Organization and holding of tenders:
Of the cut «Kaa-Khem» (Republic of Tyva),

Complex processes on real estate:
LLC «Daev Plaza» (d. Moscow), CJSC «Copy Center» (d. Moscow, str. Laurel, Maryland, USA).

The issues of subsoil use:
LLC «Polar bear», JSC «Приморьенефтегаз», CJSC «Русгаз», JSC «Severnaya Neft», OAO «Belkamneft».

Copyright protection:
The Company «Philip Morris».

Complicated questions of the Executive production:
JSC «Plant named after Ukhtomsky» (the Moscow region), JSC «Владспецстрой-5» (d. Vladimir).

From 2012 the company is offering sales consultancy services to foreign producers and exporters interested in entering, marketing and selling their products in Russia. Services comprise market entry relations, legal, accounting, financing services, marketing & branding services, marketing and public relations, human resources, lobbying services etc.
Major sales team of 6 employees located in Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg, Volgograd, Krasnodar, have 10-years track record of international FMCG TOP-5 Companies obtaining professional understanding of Russian FMCG market.

Managing partners are highly qualified specialists having successful experience in corresponding areas of business.
Makarov Denis, Partner, partner for Legal practice.
Located in Russia. Arrangement of complex legal support for manufacturing facilities and distribution to major international and Russian FMCG companies in Russia and CIS countries. Detection and minimization of risks, set-up and improvement of contractual work, development of local policies and procedures, representation of interests in court, legal management. Has experience in running of business projects and forming of s positive image in mass media. Was employed by major Russian and multinational corporations – InBev, LG Electronics, MAN. Overall legal practice – 10 years.
Denis has a Degree in law and economics, PhD in Law. Anti-crisis management specialist.
Is Included in European Legal 500.
Speaks Russian and English.

Michael Furman, partner for sales practice:
Located in Russia. Arrangement of operation with local and national key clients, including Tander, X5,Auchan, Lenta, Okey, METRO Cash and Carry.
Participation in negotiations with key clients, contracting, budgeting, controlling the performance of conditions, development of promotional activities, coordination of interaction of all departments.
Overall practice at FMCG market – more than 15 years.
Was employed by Danone, InBev, Nefis cosmetics, Russian Alcohol.
Degree in technical profession.

Valeriy Shershnyov, Partner for IT practice:
Located in Canada, Vancouver. Software Development Engineer, Product Manager/Co-Founder Alteroxity Development Inc.).
Was employed by Faronics Corporation (Vancouver, Canada), Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, ACNielsen.
Hired, trained and managed team of developers; Actively liaised with customers and partners to secure timely and innovative project management; Recruited several development and marketing partners in Canada and globally; Grew revenue from software development consulting services by 300% within 6 months; Initiated SEO Marketplace Sebro ( Applied several low-cost marketing strategies resulting in a steady increase of an average of 100 users daily during market introduction stage; Co-founded "remote in-pipe diagnostics robot" project which was sold to Gazprom (global oil company). Attracted seed investments from a national foundation supporting innovative startups; Spearheaded and led through full product lifecycle Custom CMS for SEO industry based on innovative algorithm of text generation.

Our sales managers have successfully entered:
- 3 SKU into retailer Metro С&Carry, Magnit (Tander) of Voljanin beer brand with the annual volume of sales $5 million USD.
- 15 SKU into Carrefour of Household chemical goods (means for washing utensils - AOS, Biolan and washing powders AOS, Bimax, Sorti, Biolan)
- succeeded in beer assortment and the goods of household chemistry expansion in the basic federal and regional retail chains of Russia from 2 to 12 SKU.

In November 2012 the Company signed Exclusive Business Development agreement with well-known Royal Unibrew Company. Royal Unibrew produces, markets, sells and distributes quality beverages focusing on branded products within beer, malt and soft drinks, including soda water, mineral water and fruit juices. It operates as a leading regional player in a number of markets in Western and Eastern Europe and in the international malt drinks markets. It’s Western European main markets comprise primarily Northwestern Europe (Denmark, other Nordic countries, and Germany) and Italy. The Eastern European markets comprise Lithuania and Latvia. In Denmark they are a leading supplier of beer and soft drinks with a number of strong brands, and in Italy they are among the market leaders in the super premium segment with Ceres Strong Ale. In both Latvia and Lithuania, they are among the two leading beverage businesses holding considerable market positions within beer and soft drinks, including fruit juices. In the international malt drinks markets, they are among the market leaders in the premium segment with Vitamalt. In 2011, the Company posted revenue of DKK 3.4 billion and sold 5.7 million hectolitres of beer, malt and soft drinks. The Group, which is domiciled in Faxe, Denmark, has a total of around 1,800 employees. Royal Unibrew is listed on NASDAQ OMX and has more than 17,000 shareholders.
International Expert Technologies has been appointed and authorized to find and recommend potential retailers and Distributors in Russia and has launched now the negotiation process in Russia in the name of CIDO GRUPA, owned by Royal Unibrew, with major Russian retailer leaders in Russia.

In January 2013 a Business Development Agreement was signed between International Expert Technologies and REVIBAN SIA, one of Italian food consolidator. REVIBAN was founded in 2008 as a company specializing in the supply of Italian typical products in the food and fashion industries in Mexico, Canada, Denmark and Belgium.


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